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DC Man Cave Limited is a not for profit  organisation founded in 2012, that delivers trades based activities of a unique nature to disadvantaged adults and school leavers. We have been specifically structured in a way that caters for people who identify with wanting to have a go at trades based activities. 


A large part  of our program is devoted to mentoring and includes a wide range of activites to enhance skills and social inclusion as well as practical lifestyle  activities. We provide vocational style workshop activities. We aim to engage unemployed, disabled and disadvantaged young adults in the community. Our objective is to supply a stream of opportunity so individuals can trial different topics to see what best fits their needs, desires and dreams.


We are in the business of opportunity services rather than disability services.


Our intentions are to help grow young adults with disabilities or who come from a disadvantaged background, into vibrant participants in the community with skills to use as a base for the next stage of their lives. Our focus is on an individualised approach to broadening life experiences for adults in order to foster independent living and healthy lifestyle choices.


We are a non religious organsation and have no religious content in our programs. Our individualised program of 1 instructor to a maximum of  3 participants ensures that a highly personalised and needs base outcome is achieved.

Our staff have been selected from a wide ranging background with a rich history of past social and community involvement. Their broad ranging work histories and community involvement make them the best suited people in our local area for networking community programs as part of our social inclusion.
We have staff with extensive past experience in social inclusion of senior citizens, arts market  creation, community event organisations, local incorporations committee membership and charitable activities amongst the local schools to advance education outcomes. 
As well as multiple degrees in Arts, Education and Applied Science, they have trade qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Training and Assessment, world recognised Musical Instrument construction, Transport and Logistics Certificates, Industry Licences for Dangerous goods and Heavy Vehicle Loading and Driving, Educational Personal Development Certificates, Agricultural licences for Authority to Hunt and multiple registrations with the Victorian Department of Primary industry.  We have Police and Working with Children  Checks for our instructors.  
All instructors work on a "buddy"  (two instructors working on the same site at the same time) system to ensure safety, accountability and transparency. We believe in creating a comfortable and safe environment for participants. 


DC Man Cave Limited  carries out its activities in the safest way possible. Our sites are constantly managed for safety.  We keep our ratio of participants to instructors at 3 to 1 and less in order to maintain a safe environment and  minimise distractions to the instructors when using tools of any description.

Our "buddy" system ensures safety and oversight of operations by a minimum of two instructors per work site.  This ensures that any minor distraction in the instruction process does not lead to a breach of safety protocols and mishaps.

Participants are drilled regularly in safe work practices and their responsibilities to their workmates and the community around them.

DC Man Cave Limited has public liability insurance as well as work cover because even though our participants are not employed they are still considered to be in a working environment and as such are covered by law under the WorkSafe legislation.



Qualified fitter and Turner, industrial chemist and construction worker.

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