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We are committed to improving social inclusion of marginalised groups.

DC Man Cave Limited is committed to improving the social inclusion and interaction of marginalised groups into the wider community. As a direct result of this policy we believe and practice equality in all aspects of our operation from our instructors to our participants.  We believe in  gender equality, equal opportunity, equal pay, anti-discrimination and freedom of religious belief.  We are a non religious organisation and only employ principles of morality and social harmony in our programs.

Empowerment and decision making processes are part of our day to day operations as we endeavour to help our participants achieve greater independence and social confidence. 

As part of our empowerment for women  we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of negative attitudes towards women and minorities. We are proactive in the eradication of attitudes of intolerance and inequality. We apply the same principles to  all our participants and instructors.


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We are committed to promoting, maintiaining and improving healthy living.

We have a healthy living policy of improving health outcomes via education and proactive healthy choice. Part of our farming and market garden programs are directed at the principles of "paddock to the plate" in order to provide food sources that are recognised as clean and green best practices.  All of our foods produced are  organically grown with no pesticides or herbicides.


We encourage our participants to bring healthy meals to our activities and regularly discuss health and dietary nutrition. Health issues arise from an excessive intake of saturated fats and sugars. We grow and eat our own organic produce in an effort to highlight better food choices in day to day living.  


As part of an active lifestyle we do not support smoking or any forms or recreational drug use. Our clean air policy in regards to smoking including e-cigarettes means that it cannot be carried out on any of our worksites.

Safety  and injury prevention.

All practical care is taken to ensure that our worksites  are safe, clean and compliant with work safe practices.  Safe access and site maintainence are key to our daily operations.

Personal Protection Equipment is used whenever necessary to ensure participants are not injured or suffer long term effects of our activities.  

All our participants are fitted out with company Personal Protective Equipment and clothing and are expected to use it whenever they are participating in our activities.  This is to ensure appropriate clothing  that is both practical and safe in our trade activity environments. The  correct use of our company issued PPE protects participants from day to day work related harm.

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