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National Disability Insurance Scheme. Provides funding to engage servcices like DC Man Cave.

What is NDIS?
How do I register for NDIS?

Contact your local NDIS and organise an appointment to  talk to them about your needs and hopes for the future.  It is their job to facilitate your dreams.  Contact us and involve use in the planing and discussion process as much as possible.  Make sure you ask us lots of questions so we can best understand what it is you would like to do in the future. We can help budget your plan so there will be no out of pocket expenses that you will have to cover.

What DC Man Cave is regstered to provide?

DC Man Cave is registered with the NDIS to provide a broad range of services, ask us if we can help or assist in your local area. By letting us know what you are looking for we can tell you if we have that in our existing programs or we can create a program around what you wish to do.  Just like the NDIS, we are here to facilitate your aspirations of a better future.  Simply email us of call us.

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